Every 10 minutes someone in Australia has a heart attack1

Experiencing a heart attack or stroke may have you feeling a range of emotions and the fear of having another cardiovascular event.  But the good news is you can do a lot to help reduce the chances of a subsequent heart attack or stroke.

The first is to understand cholesterol. Cholesterol is essential for your body to work,  but too much LDL (bad) cholesterol can lead to a cardiovascular event such as a heart attack or stroke.

This is why knowing your numbers and treating your risk can help protect you from another cardiovascular event.

KNOW YOUR NUMBERS, TREAT YOUR RISK aims to support you by:

explaining the importance of monitoring and managing your cholesterol

acknowledging the impact a heart attack has on your mental health

encouraging you to discuss your heart health with your GP


“I just would encourage people to prioritise their heart health and develop a relationship with a GP who is really proactive about managing your cholesterol levels. Persevere with your treatment plan.  You are not alone. I think that is the most important thing, you are not alone.”  – Heather

Looking After Your Heart Health

In Australia, one in 10 heart attack survivors will have another heart attack within 12 months2

Having experienced a cardiovascular event, you have an increased chance of having another one. This is because the factors that caused your first heart attack or stroke may still be putting you at risk. By taking necessary steps, you can continue a full and productive life.

See a
GP regularly

Attend cardiac


Eat a healthy diet
and exercise

Control your
blood pressure

Control your

Take medications
as prescribed

Look after your
mental health

Hear from the experts

Australia’s leading experts discuss looking after your heart and mental health.

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500,000 Australians have LDL cholesterol levels higher than the recommended targets.6

Cardiac Blues

75% of people who have had a heart attack will experience Cardiac Blues but may not be forewarned.7

Heart Health Care Plan

Australians who have had a heart attack have better outcomes with continuum of care with their GP.8

Look after your heart health to reduce your chances of another cardiovascular event